Dear friends of healthy living.

The upcoming post will deal with the topic of "Alkaline Fasting".

As part of the "normal" fasting time, in the days between Carnival and Easter, my wife and I will have an Alkaline Fasting week.
During these days I will report about my and our personal experiences, eating, sleeping and our emotions.

But before we really get started, I would like to take a neutral look at the subject of alkaline fasting.

What is the theoretical background, what is meant by the term base fasting and how can you start.

Alkaline fasting is generally regarded as a cure, which means that the time of fasting is limited in time. In our case it will be one week.
During this time, the diet is changed to products that are exclusively alkaline metabolized. No acids are formed in the body.
This deacidifies the body. The acids block many metabolic processes such as fat breakdown. 

But what does the diet look like at this point?

Fruits and vegetables belong on the plate, that is actually obvious. But unfortunately this is only rudimentarily represented in the everyday life of most and is pushed by meat and milk products into the background. In the basis cure now evenly this vegetable becomes the main actor. In short: no meat, no coffee, no juice, no milk, no cheese, no sugar, no butter ... only fruits, vegetables, olive oil and ... this is my salvation... potatoes. This relieves the body.

Here I can recommend you the blog of Sabine Wacker. On the page alkaline fasting - the wacker method® - healthy enjoyment, you will find much more information on the subject of alkaline fasting, nutritional science and many delicious recipes. You can find the link to it below.

An excerpt:
"Experience shows that you can lose up to 4 kg of weight during a seven-day alkaline fasting cure. We have also had very good experience in over 20 years of practical experience with many chronic diseases. These are above all rheumatism, Fibromyalgie, asthma, heart illnesses, high blood pressure, Colitis ulcerosa, Morbus Crohn, heavy forms of Neurodermitis uvm.

The cosmetic benefits can also be considerable. After just one week, in many cases, the skin becomes much clearer and firmer, connective tissues strengthened, and eyes clearer."

In this blog I would like to share my personal experience from this cure.
More to follow in the next update.

See you soon....


--------- Update from 22.2.2021 ----------

Bowel Emptying:

Yes, sounds "painful and a little scary". It is so, but on the other hand, it is part of it. At this point we do it without photos!
So that the alkaline cure can start properly, the intestine should be emptied before, or with the change of food. Old fiber and waste should leave the body.

Several methods can lead to this goal.

1. The classic enema using an irrigator, hose and intestinal tube.
The irrigator is the "bucket", the vessel that has an outlet at the bottom, just above the bottom. It is connected to the intestinal tube with the hose. Filled with lukewarm, body-warm water, the tube is now inserted into the rectum, one lies down on the left side and now rinses the intestine with a lifting motion. Dismantle and clean everything and then please stay near the toilet.
Conclusion: if you like it thorough and are not afraid of the procedure, you are in good hands.

2. Enema "light" with e.g. Frekaclyss
This small enema is ready to use with a small tube. The content is administered into the rectum. You stay relaxed near the toilet and then you are done. 
Conclusion: Still no fun - but works.

3. Glauber's salt or Epsom salt:
A classic is Glauber's salt for colon cleansing. Chemically, Glauber's salt is sodium sulfate, Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Both salts have strong hygroscopic properties. Once in the intestine, a lot of water is bound, the volume in the intestine is increased and the reflex to purge is triggered. But since the whole thing has to pass through the entire digestive tract, fun is inevitable in the long run. Only after hours does one really feel well again.
Conclusion: Once and never again.

4. Ready-made solutions for intestinal cleansing - e.g. Moviprep
These powders are mixed with a defined amount of water and have been specially developed for this purpose and are therefore much more digestible than the classic Glauber's salt. But are also expensive.
Result: Who would rather like it, than peroral, thus drink is here well advised.


On Saturday we go into our chamfering week, then it continues.

Take care until Saturday.


---------- Update from 26.2.2021----------

So, tonight we're off.
I would like to venture a brief excursion into the topic of "coffee withdrawal".

One topic that I have completely ignored so far is giving up coffee and caffeinated drinks.
Yes, that includes black tea.

What does caffeine do in our bodies?

Caffeine dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow to the brain. Regular coffee consumption spread throughout the day almost leads to permanent dilation of the blood vessels. Coffee is indispensable for many people and has become a "standard" luxury food; many are very used to it. 

The "alkaline fasting" experiment shows just how much. If we abruptly stop drinking coffee, the blood vessels become constricted. Especially the cerebral blood vessels produce a migraine-like headache that lasts for days. Back and joint pain are also not uncommon. Due to the continuous caffeine bombardment, the body, especially the head area, has become accustomed to the dilation of the blood vessels. If we leave the coffee out, the blood vessels contract, the blood now has less space available and creates a pressure pain, so to speak, which is felt especially in the brain in the form of a headache. You feel like you have a helmet on for days and feel like Darth Vader without mojo. Sounds really modest - it is, BUT after 2-3 days the fog clears, the helmet is gone and you are clearer in the head than ever before. It's worth it!!!

How can you avoid this?

Simply reduce your caffeine consumption slowly and continuously until the deadline. 
By the way, I recommend the same for the consumption of household sugar - a big issue.

So now I'm going to treat myself to my last cup of coffee - I'm going to have a headache tomorrow, I'll just have to get through it.


--------- Update from 28.2.2021 ----------

Here we go, the second day is over. How am I doing, what have I been sitting on and what is "allowed" to be eaten? That's what today is all about.

First a brief outline of the bad "forbidden" foods.

Forbidden are:


  • Any kind of meat: pork, veal, beef, game and poultry. This also includes their products such as sausages, ham, meat broths. Fish and shellfish should also be avoided. So don't eat lobster.
  • Milk and all dairy products - cheese, butter, quark and yoghurt.
  • Low-fat products
  • Eggs
  • Mustard and vinegar 
  • Legumes, including soybeans and soy products
  • Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, artichokes
  • All nuts, except(!) almonds and fresh walnuts
  • Drinks containing carbonic acid
  • Sugar and all sweets, honey and its products, including cane sugar
  • Chewing gum, any kind, which stimulates the production of stomach acid
  • Ice cream, including water ice
  • All wholemeal products, all wheat products.... i.e. all bakery products! all pasta.... Keyword pasta
  • Rice and rice products
  • Hydrogenated, refined oils, cheap salad oils.
  • All coffee, hot tea, green tea, fruit tea and rooibos tea.
  • Soft drinks (contain sugar)
  • Alcohol
  • Garlic and wild garlic


Yes, and now you are probably thinking: What is allowed? Why does one do this to oneself?

Reading between the lines above, there are nevertheless many products that taste quite good and are available to us.
There are many vegetables, fruits, salads and potatoes. For me, potatoes are essential because I need something to get me through the day. I can still work and have to be able to concentrate, but I can't do that only with fruit.
During the fasting week I drink still water and herbal tea... nothing else. It's not exciting, but it works.


Breakfast today consisted of a fruit plate with bananas, apple and mango. The whole thing is then enriched with chia seeds swollen in almond milk and chopped almonds. You can sweeten it a little with almond paste.
Honestly, it's delicious. 

For lunch today we had a potato casserole cooked with mushrooms, spring onions, pumpkin, tomatoes and fresh herbs and we just made a pumpkin soup with ginger, coconut milk and a dash of pumpkin seed oil.
You can season it with pepper, salt, paprika and nutmeg, and you can also eat a salad with it, using lemon juice instead of vinegar.


That all sounds quite positive, but how do I feel about it?

And to be honest, I have to say - it's OK. 
Yesterday I ate a good plate of fruit, but I was always hungry when I was working. Even an apple and a banana didn't help much. After lunch (which was really necessary) I was back on deck and could go jogging.
I recommend almonds as a snack for "in between".

Today everything was already better, The headache described above was almost absent. I had already reduced my consumption a few days before. This morning I worked for 3 hours, cooked and dug the garden. 
The only thing is that I am already very tired in phases and can then sleep properly.


Conclusion after 2 days:
I'm doing well, only the super strength is still a long time coming.





Tomorrow the week starts again. We have raspberry and almond porridge, roast potatoes with peppers, something spicy and soup again in the evening.
Take care.



---------- Update from 2.3.2021 ----------

Today was a good day.

I felt motivated throughout the day, had a real drive and wasn't tired at all. I have already got used to the change in diet.

For breakfast today I had a fruit plate (as I almost always do) with banana, apple, blueberries and some pineapple. To give the whole thing a granola-like character, 
I heated almond milk with tiger nut powder and let it swell. If you add coconut flakes, it even gets a little "bite".
That was very tasty. I no longer need coffee to wake up. I can easily do without it. If anything, it's something for the taste.

At 10 a.m. I needed another apple to keep my hunger in check until lunch break. 
The Alkaline Fasting lunch today consisted of cauliflower, finely chopped like rice and sautéed with a sauce of broccoli, tomato and a few almond sticks.
In the afternoon I still had enough energy for a tour on the racing bike.
For relaxation, I recommend an alkaline bath.

Conclusion:  mood +,  headache 0,  energy+,  hunger -+,  superpowers ++




---------- Update from 4.3.2021 ----------


Day 5 - was ok today. Lots of work. I got through the day really well.

Something else I noticed this morning.
Normally, like many people of our time, I need a nasal spray in the evening. My nose is stuffed up and I can't breathe properly.
A decongestant nasal spray helps quite a bit. I then manage well with a children's nasal spray. But now, without alcohol or coffee, I don't need it at all. 

Both substances dilate the blood vessels, the nasal mucous membranes get more cell water and swell up, the nose is closed. But if there is no caffeine and occasionally a little alcohol, it almost goes away by itself.
So, all those who already have problems should avoid coffee and alcohol. That's a good start to getting out of dependence. 
And what's more, I don't sweat any more. Not at all. Not during stress or moderate physical exertion, only during sport.

People, try it out!

So why are acids so harmful to our bodies?

If we eat too much acid-forming food for too long, i.e. products that are metabolised in the body in an acidic way, these excess acids can only be excreted inadequately by the body, and the body stores them in the connective tissue.This can lead to the dreaded orange peel skin. The acids can also be deposited in the joints; gout and arthrosis can be the result.

If you consume too many acids on a permanent basis, they remain in the body permanently and block the daily metabolic work. Hormonal disturbances, cycle disorders, premenstrual syndrome (Pms) or increased menopausal symptoms can also be the result. Excess acidity hinders fat burning, weight loss. Any attempt to reduce weight should be accompanied by a reduction in acids.

Ingested in small quantities do not disturb the body, but an excess consumes the base depot and weight is disturbed. 
With this alkaline fasting we want to reduce the excess acids, strengthen the alkaline depot and restore the balance. 



---------- End 5.3.2021 ----------


This is my final report, today is the last day.

I started the day with a great, delicious breakfast consisting of coconut-almond porridge. This gave me good strength until lunch.
Today I didn't cook myself at the pharmacy, I had the potato-broccoli soup from yesterday. And now.... Yes, I must say I'm already hungry and really "up" for something else to eat. Let's see what I'm going to make tonight. 

But now to the question: what has this week brought me? Was it worth it?

Yes - definitely.
I got to know my body better, I don't need a nasal spray anymore, I don't sweat at all and my mind is clear. What more do I want?
It has helped my body get rid of excess acid and replenish the alkaline depot. I feel good - very good in fact.
Weight: I have become 1 kg lighter, which doesn't sound much, but it's okay for a starting weight of 73 kg. But I don't want to become lighter either. The most important thing is that the small belly bulge that is allowed at 50 is gone.

Alkaline fasting is good for the body's balance and if you have metabolic problems, I can only recommend it to you.
You should only discuss this change in diet with your doctor, depending on your symptoms.
Just giving up alcohol and coffee is a start and does every body good.

So don't do it well, do it again!
Stay safe


alkaline fasting - the wacker method® - healthy enjoyment

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