Prevention is better than cure: A strong immune system is the best defence against viruses.  How to protect yourself from an infection

When your glasses mist up again early in the morning when you go to the bakery, when your breath forms white clouds in the cold morning air, when hoarfrost creates mandalas on the windows, then the winter season starts. Or to put it another way: when pharmacies put Grippostad in the shop window, handkerchiefs become standard equipment along with house keys and wallets, and there is wheezing and sniffling next to you on the train, that's when the cold season starts. Unfortunately, you can never completely avoid them, but you can arm yourself against them: with a strong immune system. A good immune system acts like an iron shield against viruses and is able to fight off pathogens and infections. That's why we tell you here how you can strengthen your immune system with simple tricks and develop better defences with Orthomol, Cevitt Direct and zinc.

How do I strengthen my immune system?

All our lives we are surrounded by hostile viruses and bacteria, but especially in the cold season our defences have their hands full blocking them. There are many reasons for this: the colder temperatures worsen blood flow to the nose and throat, the body receives less sunlight and nutrients, we spend more time indoors than outdoors, and we increase the potential risk of infection by spending more time indoors with others. All of this puts extra strain on our bodies and means more work for our immune cells. In order to overcome this annual challenge together, we should mobilise our defences and take the following measures to strengthen our immune system:

Strengthen the immune system with exercise & sport

Exercise keeps the lymphatic system going, stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune cells. Even moderate exercise a few times a week can have a positive effect on the immune system, especially if it is done in the fresh air. However, it is important not to overdo it, to dress warmly and to refrain from strenuous fitness exercises at the first signs of a cold. Those who are therefore unable to exercise outdoors for a short period of time should at least make sure to ventilate regularly and thus let fresh, oxygen-rich air into the room.

Strengthen the immune system with relaxation & stress reduction

Yoga, meditation and wellness baths are excellent ways to calm the mind and start the day serenely. These relaxation techniques also reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which can have a negative effect on our cardiovascular system and thus increase the risk of infection. Conversely, this also confirms the saying "laughter is healthy". This is because cortisol is reduced, T-cells are activated, blood sugar levels are lowered and the risk of psychosomatic complaints is reduced. However, stress factors must not only be reduced during the day, but also at night. Because sufficient sleep is just as important for our health. During this time, the immune system can recover by forming new defence cells and releasing immune-active substances.

Strengthening the immune system with sauna & ice bathing

Alternating between cold and warm temperatures stimulates blood circulation and trains the body for rapid temperature changes. Sweat cures and ice baths for the hardy or sauna sessions and cold showers for the average person are suitable for this. Through the extreme temperatures, the body learns to store heat better, to compensate for cold better and to cope better with the change of seasons. In addition, these rituals have a vitalising effect and provide an energy kick even in grey winter weather.

Strengthening the body's defences with natural remedies

In the wintertime, we often lack sunshine, fruit and fresh air. As a result, our psyche suffers because it lacks good mood and energy, but our body also suffers because it lacks vitamins and nutrients. Especially with substances that our organism cannot produce itself, it often becomes critical, because the possibilities and especially the will for a healthy diet are limited. In the Sonnenapotheke, we therefore offer alternatives to support the immune system with dietary supplements and to supply it with all the important vital substances, regardless of the season.

Orthomol immune

The dietary supplement Orthomol serves as an important supplier of vital substances for the nervous system and energy metabolism. It combines various vitamins, secondary plant substances and minerals and thus contains a total of 25 important micronutrients. This power-package can help to compensate for immune deficiencies caused by nutrients.

Cevitt immune Direct

Vitamin C activates the body's defence cells and can thus weaken or shorten colds. It protects the cells from free radicals, maintains the balance between oxidants and antioxidants and strengthens the immune system. In Cevitt immune Direct from Hermes, it is combined with zinc, giving it double the power.

Biolectra Zinc

Zinc is necessary for our immune system to produce antibodies against pathogens. It helps protect our cells from oxidative stress and strengthen the body's defence function. Taking Biolectra Zinc tablets from Hermes is therefore possible both preventively and acutely, as zinc can still prevent infection in some cases even after contact with pathogens.

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