Nappy rash:

Babies often suffer from a "sore bottom", also called nappy rash or diaper rash. If there is a fungal infection, doctors speak from “windelsoor”. What helps against it?

What is a nappy rash?

Nappy rash is a very common skin disorder in infancy. It is an inflammation of the skin in the diaper area - usually referred to as "sore buttocks". Causes are irritating substances in urine and stool, and sometimes also intensive or incorrect cleaning of the skin. Often there is also an additional colonization by fungi and more rarely by bacteria. For example, the yeast fungus Candida albicans can lead to worsening of the symptoms and the so-called windelsoor. A bacterial infection can cause moisty or purulent wounds.

Causes and risk factors of rappy rash:

Very often, sore buttocks are suddenly present and there is no recognizable reason. Most of the time you have done nothing wrong, but the redness is a result of another change in the baby’s body. Infections, nutrition, maybe even teething can have an impact.

Causes of nappy rash can also be too rare diaper changes: urine and stool contain substances that can irritate the skin. Moisture and heat in the diaper make it easier for germs to multiply.
Diarrhea: with frequent bowel movements it is difficult to keep the diaper always dry. Moreover the stool is more aggressive.
wrong care products: frequent washing with soap may lead to nappy rash. In addition, babies may sometimes have intolerances or allergies to soaps, ointments, creams or even diapers, which may lead to inflammation of the skin.
certain foods: in some children, acidic or spicy foods may lead to nappy rash. 
However, this reaction is individually very different. Often you have the feeling to have done everything right and still the baby has sore buttocks. Do not despair and simply work through all the tips listed below.

Symptoms of rappy rash:

With nappy rash, the skin in the pelvic and genital areas is reddened and softened. There may also be open spots, pimples and pustules that give an itching or burning feeling. Subsequently, the inflammation can spread to the inner thighs and abdomen. Nappy rash can significantly affect the well-being of the child. The inflamed skin can be sore or feel burning when touching, moving or during stool. Some children with sore buttocks are very weeping, dislike food and they sleep poorly.In the case of a fungal infection (windelsoor) there are also moist smallpox, pimples and white flaky spots, which spread in a characteristic ring shape. Typical symptoms of an additional bacterial infection are moisty or purulent wounds.


The pediatrician diagnoses diaper rash or nappy rash on the basis of the skin changes. If he suspects an infection with bacteria or fungi, he may take a skin sample to detect the pathogens. If nappy rash occurs repeatedly or is insufficiently treated, a stool sample or a blood test may be needed to rule out other causes of skin inflammation.

What helps with nappy rash?

Nappy rash can usually be treated with a few simple measures. This way, the irritated skin can recover and the inflammation disappears automatically. The following measures support healing:

  • Frequent diaper changes: at the latest after three to four hours and immediately, when the diaper is filled.
  • Careful but gentle cleansing of the skin: preferably with lukewarm water or oil and without rubbing. Put some water or oil on a cleaning cloth or a cloth diaper. Wipe the buttocks clean. Then the skin has to be dried well, but very gently. For example, you can dab it gently with a soft towel.
  • Wound protection pastes may be useful. They protect the skin from moisture and have, for example with zinc, an anti-inflammatory effect. Synthetic tannins or disinfecting dyes can help to dry the moisty area. If necessary, ask your pediatrician or pharmacist! Weleda Calendula baby cream, skin softening cream or Mirfulan ointment is recommended
  • Open at the bottom: allow as much air as possible to reach the baby's buttocks. Your child can - especially in the summer - sometimes move around without diaper.

In severe cases, the doctor may prescribe a cortisone ointment to reduce inflammation. You must be very careful with cortisone, especially in the diaper area. Therefore, use such ointments only on the instructions of the doctor and according to his recommendations.

If, in addition to diaper rash, a fungal attack of the skin also occurs, for example in the form of windelsoor, a fungus-inhibiting active substance can be used. As first choice the renowned healing ointment Multilind with the active ingredient nystatin is recommended. For children over 2 years, the active ingredient miconazole nitrate is suitable. Here is the Mykoderm Miconalzol cream recommendable. All these products are very easy to buy in our shop. Additional bacterial infection sometimes requires antibiotics to effectively treat nappy rash. In most cases, nappy rash heals without consequences within a few days. But it can also be very persistent and then patience - and intensive care – is necessary

To avoid sore buttocks, you must follow these tips for rappy rash:

  • Change the diapers regularly, especially if your child has diarrhea.
  • Only clean the skin with clear water or oil. Soap dries out unnecessarily and can damage the skin's natural protective layer.
  • Dry the skin carefully after cleaning. Moisture favors the development of fungal infections.
  • Leave your child as often as possible without diapers.
  • If the skin is already slightly reddened, wound salves, for example with panthenol, zinc or cod liver oil, protect against further irritation.

Let us, or a pediatrician, advise you on the selection of a suitable medicine.

Most recommended cremes are Multlind Heilsalbe with the mainsubstance Nystatin or Mykoderm Miconazol creme with the mainsubstance miconazolnitrate.


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