Baby Bloating & Three Month Colic: Causes and tips

Treating flatulence and colic in babies ✓Discovering causes ✓Tips & tricks ➤ Sab Simplex & Lefax Suspension solve abdominal cramps in babies

Becoming a parent is not difficult, but being a parent is. Especially when the little ones are suffering from flatulence. Then it is not uncommon that despite enough sleep, food and a clean nappy, the face is constantly contorted and grizzled. The little ones tense up, kick their legs and scream their heads off. The babies' tummy aches then directly result in headaches for the parents and lead to a stressful situation for everyone. Unfortunately, there is still no universal recipe to nip baby's tummy ache in the bud, but there are some home remedies and medicines that can relieve the cramps and ease the discomfort. That's why we at Sonnenapotheke are here to show you the best tips and tricks against baby bloating and three-month colic.

Symptoms: How can I tell that my baby is suffering from flatulence?

The general description of flatulence is familiar to all of us: There is an excessive amount of air in the intestines. This happens either because too much air is swallowed or the gastrointestinal tract produces too many irritating gases. If these gases cannot escape or be broken down quickly enough, the air builds up and causes pain, a hard stomach and a general feeling of discomfort.
The tricky thing about baby bloating is that it is not directly visible from the outside and unfortunately our little ones cannot yet tell where the shoe pinches them. However, there are some symptoms that specifically point to abdominal discomfort:

  • Your baby is not yet older than six months.

  • His or her tummy feels hard and tense.

  • Your baby cries for a long time and for no apparent reason.

  • He or she is restless, crotchety and kicking a lot.

  • Your baby hunches his back or pulls his legs up to his belly.

Especially around the third month, these symptoms can be very pronounced, which is why this is called the infamous three-month colic. Since the baby also suffers from the discomfort at night and therefore does not get enough sleep, it is often tired, unbalanced and cries more during the day. This results in a vicious circle that becomes torture for children and parents.

Causes: What is baby bloating and where does it come from?

Even though baby bloating is a challenge for all parents, it is no reason to worry about it. Because flatulence in babies is quite normal. In fact, almost 80 % of babies suffer from it in the first year of life. Especially around the third month of life, they occur more frequently and cause too much gas and streaming pain. For this reason, according to Statista (The most common baby medicines ;, remedies for flatulence are also one of the most common medicines for babies and can be found in more than one in three households.
There can be many causes for baby flatulence. The background is probably a combination of a not yet smoothly functioning enzyme balance and an immature gastrointestinal tract. The baby's abdominal discomfort is favoured by a number of different factors, such as stress, restlessness, overstimulation or food intake.

  • Immature gastrointestinal tract: Like everything else in the beginning, the baby's intestinal flora is not yet properly mature after birth. The gastrointestinal tract is overburdened with the many tasks of food intake and elimination and produces more gases.

  • Swallowing air when drinking: Both when breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the baby may swallow too much air that the baby swallows too much air. This increased air intake leads to stomach, cramps, flatulence and spitting up in the stomach.

  • Allergies or diseases: In rare cases, metabolic disorders or food. Mmetabolic disorders or food intolerances can be the cause of flatulence. Medical causes for increased abdominal problems in this context can be intolerance to lactose, gluten intolerance or pancreatic disorders.


Incidentally, the theory has been disproved that the breastfeeding mother's diet can influence the baby flatulence. The reason for this is that breast milk is formed exclusively from blood and therefore food has no influence on it.

Treatment: What can I do about my little one's colic?

The bad news about baby bloating is that there is probably no way to prevent it completely.
prevent them. The good news, however, is that there are many simple tricks and home remedies that can be used to
reduce the gas and ease the discomfort.

  • Rest & warmth: Even though bloating is nerve-wracking, you should try to stay calm so that your so that your baby can relax. Take time for feeding, avoid possible overstimulation and take advantage of the relaxing effects of warm baths warm baths, mats or cherry stone pillows.

  • Move & massage: Gently massage your little one's belly or feet to help them to help them relax and elicit a fart. Another method is to lay the baby on their back and move their bent legs slowly, as if cycling, to support the bowels, like riding a bike, to support the bowels.

  • Hold & burp: During and after feeding, you should encourage your baby to burp so that the burp your baby to prevent too much air from collecting in the tummy. In the time between meals, it is a good idea to use the fly-grip: place your baby's tummy on your forearm so that the flat of your hand warms his tummy and slowly carry him around the around the house.

  • Feeding: Teas made from fennel, aniseed or caraway are good for digestion and are therefore recommended as a supplement to breast milk. If the child is bottle-fed, make sure that the bottle teat is always completely filled with milk, so that no air bubbles form. If the child empties the bottle too quickly, it is also possible to change to a bottle you can switch to a bottle teat with smaller openings or take several breaks to several drinking breaks. In some cases, it is also helpful to switch to a lactose-free lactose-free brand.

  • Medication & remedies: If the above-mentioned tricks do not help (enough) to alleviate the symptoms, it is recommended that the the symptoms, we recommend that you go to the pharmacy.We usually recommend the gentle medicines Sab Simplex and Lefax Suspension. Both preparations are well tolerated by all age groups and produce hardly any side effects or problems. They are especially suitable for babies and work specifically against air pockets in the digestive tract. As both products contain simethicone, they bind the gas in larger the gas into larger bubbles, which your little one can expel more easily. They can simply be taken with food by putting a few drops directly into the bottle several times a day. 


Both medicines (Sab Simplex and Lefax Suspension) are available in our pharmacy and are recommended for baby flatulence. They reduce the feeling of fullness, relieve the pain and remove the excess gas from the body.

So that you and your baby can breathe easy again!

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We wish you all the best

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