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Update 27.07.2023

60 years - Sonnen Apotheke

This year we proudly celebrate our 60th anniversary.

The Sonnen Apotheke was opened on 13.08.1963 by pharmacist Klaus Blümlein.
After 37 years, on January 2, 2001, the pharmacy was handed over to his son Ingo Blümlein.
In the meantime, the team of the Sonnen Apotheke has grown considerably and everyone works with great pleasure and passion.

Our online store Arzneiprivat is also growing.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and hope you will visit us again soon.

Your customer satisfaction is very important to us. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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With kind regards,
The team of the Sonnenapotheke


Update - 24.07.2023

The Pharmacy Alphabet
We would like to introduce you to some terms from our everyday pharmacy life and start with our pharmacy alphabet.

A stands for pharmacist. 

To become a pharmacist, you have to study pharmacy.
The duration of the study is eight semesters, followed by twelve months of practical training and the pharmaceutical examination, which has to be taken in three parts.
We have 3 pharmacists employed.

B stands for messenger service.
The courier service will pick up prescriptions for you from the doctor and deliver the medicines to your home.


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The team of the Sonnenapotheke

update - 11.11.2022

Further training - your advice is important to us

We have continued our education.

Theme :
Muscle and joint pain, causes and the bandage, tips for the road.
Voltaren Schmerzgel forte, for the application of pain due to muscle injuries & VoltaNatura, a herbal gel for muscle tension.
Both products are of course in stock at our pharmacy and at arzneiprivat.


update - 13.10.2022

Emmerich Vital - the medical care centre for Emmerich - pharmacy

The first practices and facilities in the new medical care centre on the old site of the Moritz von Nassau barracks in Emmerich started operating on 1 October 2022.
You will find the expertise of Dermatology Bong, the Orthopaedic Practice Emmerich am Rhein, the MVZ Karl Leisner Urology Dr Dahms and the General Practice Dr Arun Subburayalu.
You can also enjoy the services of the speech therapists Beckschäfer & Lensing Hebben, Mönks & Scheers, Korpeo, Haut Vital and Ergo@Vita. 
If the centre is not always within reach for you, we will be happy to collect your ordered prescriptions from the doctors' practices and deliver the medicines, aids and additional orders to your home.
To do this, please first place the prescription order with your doctor and then inform us of the desired collection.
If you already have the prescription at home, you can upload the prescription here in the shop, shop a little further and buy affordable medicines from your mail-order pharmacy in Emmerich. Just follow the checkout instructions.
We'll do the rest for you - it's easy.

arzneiprivat - Prescription collection for the MVZ Emmerich Vital - Mail order pharmacy for Emmerich


update - 01.10.2022

Free parking at the Sonnen-Apotheke I arzneiprivat

We have 3 free parking spaces in the courtyard - buy one low-priced.
Order online and pick up or have delivered quickly and easily - arzneiprivat - Mail order pharmacy for Emmerich and the Emmerich Vital

update - 4.8.2022

Three "stupid" ones - one thought ?

Yesterday, in the warm weather, all three of us had the same thought - why don't we put on some light, airy summer trousers (same cut, almost identical in colour)?
so of course we had to take a photo right away ?

#sonne #sonnenapotheke #apothekenalltag #emmerichamrhein #team #apotheke #emmerich #spaßbeiderarbeit #PTA #hitze #erfrischung


update - 26.7.2022


We were creative. My colleague sewed little lavender bags from fabric scraps.
You can put them on your bed to promote sleep or hang them in your wardrobe as moth protection.
High-dosage lavender is of course also available as a tablet at our pharmacy.


Update - 16.05.2022

Free travel, or better free passage for free citizens.

Dear Citizens the Wollenweberstraße is finally free again. In addition, the Patersteege can be passed in both directions.
This means that the centre of Emmmerich can be easily reached again.
Did you know that we have free parking spaces in the courtyard of our Sonnen-Apotheke for shopping at our store?
It couldn't be easier - order quickly online and pick up your order easily and without complications. 
arzneiprivat - your mail-order pharmacy from the Lower Rhine.

Update - 07.05.2022

We have provided you with a seat for the summer. Enjoy the sun after your visit with us.


Dear ones,

Once again, the year is drawing to a close. A year that many of us had imagined differently.

This year, too, the pandemic had us firmly in its grip. Together we overcame setbacks, and the hope that this pandemic will end soon gave us the strength to get through this year with a lot of patience and understanding for each other.

Ingo and the Arzneiprivat team wish you a Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the time with your loved ones, and come healthy into the new year.

Your Ingo and the Arzneiprivat team


So folks, with the start of the holidays, I'm getting back to you with a personal post.

This Corona winter has taken its toll on all of us, the past months have been really hard and long.
We at sonnen-apotheke and arzneiprivat from Emmerich therefore wish you a wonderful summer season with all our hearts. Make the best of it, enjoy the freedom.
What are you doing on holiday, what are you planning?
I will go with my family for a few days to the North Sea in Renesse. There is some wind for kitesurfing and sun to enjoy the beach. Unfortunately, I don't have more than a week this summer due to time constraints. 

So all the best to you...

Your Ingo

Here are a few pictures to get you in the mood



Dear ones, 

This memorable year is drawing to a close. Normally I am one of those who like to look back and enjoy what I have experienced, 
but this year I'm glad it's over. I hope for all of us in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Poland, indeed in all of Europe and the world,
that this pandemic will soon end and we can all live normally again.
It is the contact with our fellow human beings, friends and relatives that we have missed the most.

Despite the circumstances, I wish you all a happy and reflective Christmas. Come healthy into the new year.

Your Ingo and the arzneiprivat team.

the beginning - start of the blog

Dear customers of the Sonnen-Apotheke and arzneiprivat.

With our shop and online pharmacy arzneiprivat.de, we also offer our Emmerich customers the opportunity to shop with us cheaply and conveniently from home.
Browse through our range of goods, read our blog and guidebook, or get advice from our pharmacist Mrs. Busskamp on the phone or via chat.
You can pay for your order electronically with Paypal, credit card or Sofort-Überweisung. In case of a delivery by our messenger, or a pick-up in our Sonnen-Apotheke 
you can of course also pay for your order in cash or with an EC card.

Please understand that the arzneiprivat prices can only be offered with a previous order online.
If you would like to buy directly in our pharmacy, please use the 20% discount coupons from our flyer. 
Our courier drivers Christiane and Sandra are on duty every day and deliver directly and quickly to your door.
Ordered online in the morning - delivered by noon - that's arzneiprivat.de, the mail-order pharmacy from Emmerich. 

With this page we inform you about news from Emmerich and current topics and promotions from our Sonnen-Apotheke.
We hope you enjoy reading.

Your team from arzneiprivat and the Sonnen-Apotheke from Emmerich - Mail order pharmacy from Emmerich

Ingo Blümlein


Our team of authors would like to inform you with many articles and give you ideas and suggestions for solving your problems.
Just browse through our blog - we are happy to answer any questions or suggestions you may have.

We wish you all the best

Ingo Blümlein & Ines, Isabell, Andrea und Gabi
Medicines from Germany for the whole family - to all over in the European Union
We deliver German medicines at favourable prices directly to your home. Quick and easy with DHL, DHL Express or by DHL Parcel Nederland - arzneiprivat.de - International Online Pharmacy

The pharmacy Arzneiprivat in Emmerich is part of the Sonnen-Apotheke and consists of a team of 26 employees, who personally take care of the delivery of your order in order to get the highest possible benefit for you. We know most of our customers personally from telephone conversations, and special questions are answered personally by the pharmacy manager. With our trained specialist staff such as a pharmacist for naturopathy and homeopathy and our beautician Linda Oimann, we stand for natural remedies and natural cosmetics from Dr. Hauschka at a good price and suitable advice. If you have any questions or requests, we will be happy to provide you with information and further tips to stimulate your self-healing powers. We offer a wide range of medicines from all leading manufacturers such as DHU, Kattwiga, Spenglersan, Pascoe, Heel, Hevert Wala and of course Weleda. We also offer products from Combustin with changing offers in addition to the favourable permanent price.
Popular products are Hoggar Night sleeping tablets and Sab Simplex drops for flatulence and cramps for your baby.Prescription medicines can also be ordered from us with a valid prescription.
Just have a look in our brand shop or directly in the Speedfinder for the medicine of your choice. And if you don't find what you are looking for - please call us, we will be happy to help you.
Our Romanian employee Doina, our Polish employees Malgorzata & Katarzyna and our Dutch employee Kelly are also happy to help across language barriers... read more

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2 Pharmacy Selling Price (AVP). The AVP is not a manufacturer's recommended retail price. The AVP is a price applied by the pharmacies themselves for over-the-counter medicines, which corresponds to the binding selling price for pharmacies at which a pharmacy bills the product with the statutory health insurance company in certain cases (e.g. for children under the age of 12). .
In contrast to the AVP, the usual RRP is a recommendation from the manufacturer.

3 Prices incl. VAT Plus shipping

4 Price as long as stocks last

5 * Price advantage compared to the non-committal price recommendation of the manufacturer (UVP) or the non-binding manufacturer's declaration of the pharmacy sales price (UAVP) to the information center for medicinal products (IFA GmbH) / only for non-prescription products except books.


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