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The branch of the Homöopathischen Laboratoriums Alexander Pflüger GmbH & Co. KG is located in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (near Gütersloh). The medium-sized family business, founded in 1949, sees itself as an expert in Schuessler salts and homeopathy.

The company’s mission consists of seven central values:
• Personal - the customers are central to the activities
• Lively -active responsibility
• Advanced - linking tradition and progress
• Convincing - quality and service as a joint task
• Successful - successful as a company
• Collaborative - cooperation
• Respectful - respect for people and the environment

Pflüger's extensive product portfolio includes more than 130 homeopathic complexes (a combination of individual active substances with different purposes), of which more than 90% correspond to an approved field of application. Homeopathic complexes are able to solve long-term blockages by stimulating various physiological processes and, for example, stimulate the secretion of toxic substances via the liver, bile, kidney or intestines.

In our shop you have the opportunity to buy various Pflüger products, such as NERVOREGIN comp.H Pflüger ampoules, Pflüger 7 Magnesium phosph.D 6 tablets, or Bamb HM injection ampoules. To make your search easier, we have summarized the corresponding products in a product group.

Further information can be found on the website of the manufacturer Pflüger:

Our bestsellers are:

NERVOREGIN comp.H Pflüger Ampullen
Pflüger 7 Magnesium phosph.D 6 Tabletten und
Bamb HM Inj. Ampullen
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